Laura J.Bauer, MPA

Laura was named as the Executive Director of the Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation on October 1, 2018, after having served as Vice-President of the Foundation for the previous 7 years. Named after the late teen poet and peace activist who penned seven New York Times bestselling books of Heartsongs poetry and peace essays, the Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation provides educational and recreational activities and programs that promote messages of hope and peace to individuals, organizations, and communities.

Laura met Mattie and his mother, Dr. Jennifer Smith Stepanek, through her work at the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving (RCI), where she retired on March 31, 2018 after a very successful 20-year career. During her time at the RCI, she co-authored the RCI's signature training program, Caring for You, Caring for Me - Education and Support for Family and Professional Caregivers, 2nd Edition and was instrumental in the development and launch of Operation Family Caregiver, an evidence-based program for military caregivers. She has co-authored numerous journal articles and contributed chapters to Voices of Caregiving (LaChance Publishing, 2008) and Re-Creating Neighborhoods for Successful Aging (Health Professions Press, 2008). Laura continues to teach six courses in the Long-Term Care Management bachelor's degree program at Georgia Southwestern State University (GSW) in Americus, Georgia.

Laura has previously worked as a counselor for at-risk youth at an outdoor therapeutic program and as a child abuse investigator. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Public Administration from Columbus State University and also holds a Certificate in Gerontology from GSW. Laura sits on the Board of Governors of the We Are Family Foundation in New York City, and is Chairperson for the Southwest Georgia Victim's Assistance Alliance, Inc. She is a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Alpha Alpha, and the American Association of University Women.

An advocate for social justice, the environment, caregiving issues, and peace, Laura enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, photography, bird-watching, dancing, and music of all genres. She and her dog Katie are a certified Pet Partner animal therapy team, regularly volunteering their services at local elementary schools, hospices, hospitals and nursing homes.

Awakening Our Heartsongs

The late poet and peacemaker Mattie Stepanek said, "A Heartsong is our inner beauty - our sense of why we are here and how we can keep going. We each have a Heartsong, rooted in purpose, or our reason for being."

Every person on earth was born with unique gifts to offer our world, yet many do not see how their contributions are part of the larger mosaic of humanity. In this workshop, you will learn how to awaken (or reawaken) your Heartsong and elevate it to bring peace and purpose to yourself, your community, and Mother Earth.

De Alva Ward

De Alva Ward is a Hopi Shaman, Spiritual Teacher, and Speaker. She incorporates her techniques based on her cultural and spiritual wisdom into her healing sessions and readings to bring harmony to the mind, body, and spirit. Her lectures are about Native American wisdom that can bring balance to a modern lifestyle and empower individuality for a deeper spiritual path to life. 


Workshop: Hopi Shaman's Wisdom: The Four Virtues to Enlightenment

Hopi people are known as "The Peaceful People". Their belief system is based on the balance and sacredness of universal connection. Sacredness evolves from the four virtues of universal laws. Understanding this connection through personal experience will open the gateway to understanding your connection with the world and your environment around you. By implementing these virtues you will attain a deeper meaning to life. Therefore bringing you closer to a higher power and gaining wisdom to your own personal enlightenment. It is through this enlightenment that you begin to transfigurate your life and fulfill your life purpose 

Andrea Holzknecht

I studied with Sonja Emilia Rainbow Woman in Austria; Don Agustin Rivas and Don Pedro from Peru.  Margareta, a dear friend, introduced me to the native plants of my homeplace, how to use and work with them. After this period of "earthly" shamanic work I went on to work with "lighter" energies doing Pranic Healing, sound healing with the drum, indian flute playing and sound bowls. About 10 years ago I started working with a group of mostly women - we were doing healing sessions with tibetan sound bowls and about 5 years now we're having full and new moon healing ceremonies with chrystal sound bowls. At my first Gathering of Healers in 2016 I received a message that I should bridge the continents. At last years' gathering I was told how I could do this. So now in 2018 I am allowed to work with the drum connecting old and new world through spirit.

Currently I work as teacher at a vocational school in Feldkirch, Austria.

Inner Journey-Enjoy Your Connection With Spirit

Gift yourself with a short relaxing inner journey. Let yourself be carried/comforted/engulfed by the sound of the drum. Bring a blanket to make yourself comfortable.

Gayle Fowler

Gayle Fowler was born, raised and educated in Hawaii on the island of Oahu and moved to Colorado with her family in 1996. Gayle has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Hawaii and a Master of Business Administration from Regis University. She left corporate America after over thirty years as a project manager/director to pursue her healer's path. She is a Certified Master Teacher in Reiki and the Feather Way, an Empath, Medical Intuitive, and a Shamanic Reiki Practitioner. 

She started her own company, GEAF Gifts, LLC in 2012 and opened her own shop in November 2015. Gayle found, at an early age, that she had the ability to ease the pain of loved ones, both physically and emotionally. She also had the ability to sense spirit, vibrational energy and feel others emotions. It wasn't until she completed her Reiki certifications in Colorado that she accepted her role as a healer. She also has the gift of seeing past lives, sharing messages from guides and connecting one with their Shamanic guides. She works with bear medicine and other indigenous medicines to help people to heal their emotional, mental, spiritual bodies to help heal their physical bodies.

Connecting With Your Shamanic Guides

Through a Guided Shamanic Journey, you will be able to meet your Spirit Animals or Other Guides. This workshop will teach you a technique to continue to connect with your guides in the future. This is a very relaxing and sacred way to receive guidance and messages for the ancient ones.

Gayle Fowler
GEAF Gifts
303.521.1707 <> <>
Healing Arts Center - St. Andrew Lutheran Church
6774 W, 66th Avenue, Arvada, CO 800034 

Rand Gholson

Rand's healing work utilizes both formal training and a lifetime of working with the energies that move through his hands and energy systems.

Rand has completed all levels of training available in Eden Energy Medicine and enjoys a foundational relationship with his mentor and teacher, Donna Eden. Rand has a faculty position with the four year Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program.

Rand has worked with other energy workers for several years in weaving and distilling an ongoing energy work called Ascending Energies. This work is primarily of angelic and shamanic background, greatly influenced by communication with angels andsoul journeying to repair spiritual influences of "Houcha" or heavy energy that become attached to our fields of energy. He also utilizes this practice in addressing geo-pathological disturbances in our planetary fields for planetary healing on sites all over the planet.

Rand has developed another modality called "Dreamtime" which involves both being taught and working while in the dream state. He teaches individuals and presents workshops to groups on "Dreamtime".

Rand has brought in a new body of work with the Crystalline Aura that is achieving stellar reviews from those who have taken the classes as well as those who have received the work. He will be focusing one getting this new teaching out to the energy community this coming year.

Rand travels doing workshops in all the above as well as teaching in Phoenix quarterly for the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program. He encourages community hosts to work with him in bringing these trainings to their communities. If you are interested in this, please contact him so scheduling can be arranged.

Dreamwork- Shared Realities

Much of Rand's teaching has been delivered to him in Dreamtime from his teachers there. Rand will be sharing some of these experiences and methods that have developed from these experiences. 

Dreaming is an important tool for accessing the Cosmic Archives, for working with our support teams, whether they are Nature Spirits, Inter-dimensional or Inter-galactic Beings. 

Dreamwork is literally where many of us go-to-work! The concept that we spend a third of this incarnation doing nothing is a brainwashing to keep us from growth, independence and functionality. You can go to Mystery School and work while your body rest and rejuvenates.

Garrett Duncan

Garrett Duncan was born and raised on the Navajo reservation. His clans are the Bitter Water clan born for the Red Running into the Water clan. His maternal grandfather's clan is the Mexican clan and his paternal grandfather's clan is the Many Hogans clan. He is from a small community of Sanostee, New Mexico and is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation.Garrett underwent his spiritual awakening in 2008. It happened on the 27th day of his 27th year. In this transitionary period, Garrett was dealing with a job layoff, the birth of his nephew, and visions of the future. Due to his Navajo heritage, Garrett has always encompassed his spiritual upbringing into his everyday life. This provided a solid foundation to which Garrett could rely on for assistance and guidance. After his awakening, Garrett was given guidance from an elder of the tribe to assist the peoples of Earth.

Upon receiving his Eagle feathers, Garrett was initiated into the world of shamanism. His mentor had informed Garrett of his role to act as a bridge between cultures in addition to providing healing and counsel to those who sought his energies. The elder confirmed Garrett's gift of sight and is known as a "seer" among the Navajo. His gift also included hands on healing through energy that radiated from his hands.

Garrett is currently acting in service using his wisdoms and knowledge to bring healing to those in need. His is working on the interdimensional realms bringing forward teachings from the Galactic Star nations in addition to the Sasquatch peoples. He is a Star language activator and brings forward languages in the form of spoken vibrations and songs.

More of Garrett's work can be found on:

E Equals MC Squared: Understanding The Energy Of Manifesting Thru E

Cindy Green

Cindy Green has been involved with the Gathering of Healers since 2012, most recently facilitating the opening ceremony and drum circle. She is currently serving on the Board of Directors.

Cindy has been exploring sounds and vibrational healing since 1996, when she first learned about drumming and playing the Native American style flute. Cindy makes and teaches how to make Sacred Drums, and as a massage therapist, has added them and other healing sounds to her sessions.

She has been honored and humbled by experiencing healing first hand through learning and teaching about the Sacred Drum, working with Elders and Guides supporting this healing path and observing the life changes in participants as a Sacred Drum is birthed.

Cindy's Life Mission is to share this healing path, in honor of our Ancestors and all our Relations.

Sound Journey

Thom and Judy Dandridge


"We are Thom and Judy Dandridge and have been fortunate enough to be together on a wonderful journey of love and adventure for 46 years. Our company Pathdrummer, is a small business that promotes spiritual healing and relaxation through the use of the drum. We are the drum keepers of a Spirit Awakening Drum named Beverly. This drum came to us in a vision during a pipe ceremony and we began taking the steps to bring this vision to fruition. In 2014 we realized that our paths lay in sharing this drum and her message with the universe. Beverly, the Spirit Awakening Drum, is 36 inches in diameter and has a full, deep tone that promotes healing through vibrations and relaxation. To our knowledge, there is no other drum like this in the world.

Thom is a certified HealthRHYTHMS® facilitator, Reiki Master, and Sound Empowerment facilitator. Judy plays the Native American flute and is a nature photographer and artist. Both Thom & Judy have participated in and facilitated drum circles since 2001." 

Tammy and Anthony Chino

Collective Frequency is based on the "vision of no division". This is a gathering of all Star beings sharing knowledge. No more leaders or Gurus! They help all who come in their path to embrace one's own power and wisdom. (Simply remembering who your authentic being is) They have studied and learned many techniques from the Elders and the Star Seed Tribe to help others to navigate awakened and newly awakened Hue-Mans to the New World and paradigm.

Sound Healing and Frequency

Pascha Solomon

"The Dragons Have Spoken"

Dragon Master Pascha Solomon was guided to gather a group of recipients to attend a meeting of the Dragon Council at the Sacred Living Water Sanctuary in Burnsville, NC on July 14, 2019. Not knowing what to expect, she proceeded. She was told she could invite members to participate via Zoom Conference call. There were seven in attendance in person, and seven members joining via Zoom. There were seven codes delivered. A final code was delivered during the full moon two days later on July 16. 2019.

Pascha has now been instructed to share these codes along with the message from the Dragon Council with the attendees of the Gathering of Healers. All those who feel called to attend this workshop, we welcome you. During this workshop, we will share the recording and transcript of the Dragon Council meeting and Pascha will transmit the codes to those recipients willing to carry the responsibility of such codes.

Pascha will also offer Dragon Elemental healings and activations in the Healing Room on Saturday. Donations for this will be accepted for the Gathering of Healers


Glenn Milstrey

Glenn Milstrey (Whale Rider) (Neza Hual Coyotl)

Glenn was born and lived most of his life in upstate New York and moved to Tijeras, NM in 2014. He is a retired Civil and Environmental Engineer. He spent most of his working career protecting the environment by forcing illegal waste dumps to be closed and cleaned up. His biggest success was the closure and clean-up of a 3,000 acre open dump that was sending 1 million gallons of leachate into the groundwater per day. Immediately after the attacks on September 11, 2001, Glenn worked at Ground Zero and the Staten Island Landfill for six weeks helping to characterize the debris pile and get a system in place to retrieve items from the debris to help families find closure. While working at Ground Zero, Glenn helped confused souls finish their transition journey. The last twelve years of his retirement, Glenn worked in the Homeland Security and Emergency Response fields.

Glenn has been called a shaman and medicine man. He is a Reiki Master, Priest of Spirit's Truth in the Fellowship of Isis, Pipe Carrier, Empath and Spirit Healer. Glenn is one of many old souls present to help raise the energies for the Ascension to come.

Ascension, Reality, and Being a Healer

We hear much of the prophecies; the time of Ascension coming; beginning of a new age. But how does this relate to our everyday lives; how does it relate to our vocations of healing? This will be a discussion outside the framework of the traditional teachings on what the Ascension may mean, how we make this our reality and what role do we as healers have in the raising of our energy frequencies. The sessions is intended to provide "food for thought" and to hopefully open new doors for individual understandings.

Susan Goddard and Carissa Fisher

Susan and Carissa are a mother daughter duo, both native to Colorado. They discovered their healers paths together in 2016, when they became certified in Reiki. They found a passion for energetic healing work and continued on to become Reiki Master Teachers. Together they formed Two Open Hearts LLC which focuses on teaching energetic healing techniques as well as offering reiki and crystal healing sessions.  Susan and Carissa are Shamanic energy healers, who each channel messages and work with many guides to bring about deep healing for their clients. They teach Dragon Reiki, multiple healing energies, and classes connecting people to the dragon realm. They also utilize, Star Language, The Sacred Blue Flame Energy Healing Techniques as well as Teachings from the Forest People. Their certifications include: Reiki (Non Traditional) Master Teacher Level, Shamanic Reiki, Dragon Reiki Master Teacher Level, and The Feather Way Energy Clearing Techniques.

White Light of Lumeria 

This workshop the White Light of Lemuria will be activated within each participant. The unicorns will assist as we fill up with this beautiful healing energy. Some ways to implement this energy into your daily lives will be shared. Leave with a new sense of peace and be able to call it forward during your most challenging times.

Sharon Hinckley

Sharon Hinckley specializes in the Arts, the Healing Arts and the Visual Arts. She has been working in the Visual Arts since the age of 4. Despite living in The Far East during her 30's, Sharon didn't become involved in the practice of Yoga until she was 50.

However, the Japanese word for Western Painting is also "Yoga" so apparently she has been doing one former another of "Yoga" all her life.

She is a registered and Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, RYT 500and she has also been certified in a Korean Energy Practice. She has taught for 20 years combining her trainings with practices that she has learned in her travels to India and Nepal to create the Practice of Healing Relaxation Movement. The practice is very body friendly and suitable for all levels.

Healing Relaxation Movement
Today everyone is in a hurry and working so hard.
What is the best thing that you can do to counter
all the stress and tension?
Watch TV?
Read a book?
Take a nap?
Play a game?
It's good to put your attention into different activities. However, the very best thing you
can do for your body and your health is move your body in a good way. It is best to move your body in a way that is both healing and relaxing. With that in mind we will practice 18 joint exercise, meridian tapping and energy bowing. The key to a healthy mind
Is a body that is flexible and limber . . .allowing the Spirit to flow through us with ease and grace.

Lara Schneider

Lara Schneider is the second born of 6 children, from Marlborough Massachusetts. She lost her 4 year old brother David to a tragic car accident when she was 2, and has worked hard to overcome survivors guilt. She was raised Jewish and Catholic according to her parents faiths. At the age of 14, they separated in an ugly divorce, and she stopped practicing all they had taught her.

At the age of 25, Lara discovered Wicca, and started to attend rituals & classes at her friends shop, until she moved to Woonsocket, RI where she met Lenny Laframboise. Lenny was working at a metaphysical store called the Goddess Shoppe, and was starting a learning coven. It was here, that Lara was pulled by Spiritto learn how to make the dream catcher through a class that was being offered. She is constantly learning something new every time a dream catcher is brought into the physical realm, and works hard to bring them into being in the most honorable way possible. She strongly believes that the dream catchers make themselves, regardless of how she feels they should turn out. Lara has been working with the energies of the dream catcher for 20 years.

In 2007, Lara moved to Arizona, and by this time she had developed a very eclectic Left handed path for herself. She has come a long way in her own healing, and helps those who request assistance along the way. Lara is a certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, and is the Local Coordinator for Phoenix Pagan Pride: /

Lara teaches dream catcher workshops regularly at Everything Just Rocks in Tempe, AZ, including Basic and Celtic style wire wrapping & Tree of Life pendants. You can find her on Facebook Classes can be found here:

Lara is currently a 911 dispatcher for an ambulance company based out of Glendale, AZ.

Dreamcatcher Workshop
Lara will show you how to create your own dreamcatcher, while telling you the different legends of its origin. All materials will be provided. You will receive:
One 3 inch brass ring Leather & artificial sinew, a selection of feathers and beads
If you have something special you would like to incorporate into your dreamcatcher, ie: a feather, stone, fetish, etc. Please bring it.

Annie Hummingbird

Annie is a gifted healer, musician, and keeper of sacred songs and ceremonies. She is the keeper of a "Mother Drum" and gatekeeper to the stars.

Sisters Of The Moon Ceremony

For those women that did not have moon ceremony, Annie will create a beautiful ceremony for you to empower you with your rite of passage. Travel through the birth canal/portal and be honored as a woman. The songs and remembrance will bring you to a new level of love and healing.

Blessed Be.

Dave Dolezal

After three decades of engineering work, David changed his life and dove into a more rewarding and humanistic form of problem solving: the body's subtle energy field and its impediments to well being. His protocol pinpoints blockages to physical, emotional and spiritual wellness using dowsing to help uncover and relieve issues.


Using Mindfulness To Alleviate Stress And Pain

In today's world we experience a barrage of stress. How we deal with the stress can overwhelm us or we can feel calm. You may have met people who seem to handle stress easily. How do they do it? A method presented here uses simple protocol and quick mindfulness visualizations to clear your stress. Your stress can also create chronic pain. If your pain is caused by stress, this presentation can help you. You may not even be aware that your pain is caused by stress.

Belinda P. Erachio

Belinda is from the Dine' (Navajo) and Zuni Pueblo lineages. Her maternal clan
is Honágháahnii (One-Walks-Around) and she was born for the Naasht'ézhí
(Zuni Pueblo) people. She is the child of the Mula:kwe (Macaw Parrot) on
parental side. Belinda was born and raised on the Navajo reservation. She
holds degrees in Health Sciences, Public Health, and in Technology.
As an adult Belinda journeyed through her own inner and physical healing. She
then recognized her gifts as a healer and her true calling. Her personal mission
focuses on cultural and traditional native education and healing experiences. In
addition, she uses native herbs, essential oils and energetic healing to assist in
individual transformation.

Intergenerational Trauma: Native American's Inherited Legacy

This presentation will provide an overview on Native American intergenerational

What is Intergenerational trauma?
What are the effects?
What is epigenetics telling us?

Considerations for healing and for working with Native American individuals and
communities for practitioners.

Kaja Otto

Kaja Andrea is Völva, Energy Worker and Master Coach. She is the founder of The School of Modern Wisdom and host of SoulWave Radio. As a Status Quo Shaker, Kaja helps people around the world connect with their roots, find their truth and live their freedom.
Kaja combines the power of different lines and weaves ancient wisdom with modern approaches. Kaja Andrea acts as a bridge between spiritual, emotional and physical levels, while applying ancient spiritual wisdom combined with decades of study and practice to bring truth, fulfillment and freedom into people's lives.Born close to the Externsteine, Kaja is deeply rooted in indigenous European spirituality, Baltic wisdom and Germanic traditions flowing through her. With the development of SoulFlow and Soulution she uses unique approaches to support other women on their way to freedom.Kaja Andrea received her Völva staff and buffalo drum as part as part of her journey. Is she is not following the call of her inner hummingbird she has this instruments standing in Hamburg, Germany or in Phoenix, Arizona.

Spiritual Burn Out

We all have heard of the mental and physical burn out - yet a good number of people working in the healing arts, people with multiple roles to fill and people who are facing high societal expectations, like mothers oftentimes are suffering from a different kind of burn out. By giving too much and not finding the right resources to work with we start to get spiritually worn out. Symptoms are seeking silence, being challenged by social interactions and rather listen than share, tiredness and exhaustion.

In this session we explore the roots of spiritual burn out and Kaja shares from her own experience. She also shows you how to transform the burn out into a soulful flow again.

This topic is a mixture of wisdom sharing, insights and practical exploration.

Dana Franco

Dana is a Reiki practitioner, tarot reader, and works with the Angels to bring messages and healing. She facilitated a group called Psychic Tribe, co-hosted Black Bowl Monastery, and has taught one on one classes on how to open psychic prowess. Dana has practiced tarot for 9 years, Reiki for 5 years, and Angelic sessions for 3 years.

Angelic Class: Connecting and Working With Your Personal Angel

Through a guided meditation, you will find out who and what your angel is. Before the meditation, you will be taught who they are, what they are, and why they are here. Disclaimer: This will be a very powerful circle. Please bring something grounding.

Crystal Maddox

Continually surrendering the best I can to the Creatrix inside, the I A that I Am.


Childhood was a typical Midwestern consciousness upbringing from a poverty, victim mentality, and unworthiness programming. Going as far out as one can into the 3D from Self and coming back again (ongoing). This gift to learn vast ways, knowledge and wisdom to help others with whatever it is they are seeking is thy gift to share with my Brothers and Sisters. This blessing comes with the ability to match a very wide vibration range and help lift what no longer serves to its perfect right place in the Universe. My passion is to help others express from their heart, taking back their power to live the life of their dreams vs another's illusion of how that should look while honoring balance and the cycles of creation. Depending on each unique situation thy gifts emerge to be of service for whatever is highest and best for all concerned. Each of us have a unique blessing that is individually/collectively assisting the Earth, humanity, and the Universe into the most expansive alignment yet. Be Brave Deer hearts, you have value beyond price, you are Worthy.


Wprkshop::All For Love and Love For All